Security & License Cockpit

Security & License Cockpit

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 includes a comprehensive user rights management system. On the basis of predefined roles, users are assigned access to forms, reports and functions as well as the data structures necessary for these.


  • No one company is identical to any other, which is why the predefined roles in Microsoft Dynamics AX often do not reflect the actual roles played in companies.
  • The existing roles are very extensive, as a result of which users are often assigned more rights than they need for their assigned tasks and responsibilities.
  • User rights are difficult to change in a targeted manner given that dependencies exist between the different roles.
  • User rights assigned by various roles are aggregated and user rights assigned by one role cannot be restricted by means of the same user being assigned another roles.
  • The restriction of rights at the data field level is complex.
  • The impact of user rights on licensing is not immediately clear despite the fact that the assigned roles have an enormous and direct impact on the licensing costs of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.


The Solutions Factory Security & License Cockpit add-on module addresses the challenges highlighted above and is the key to the simple, targeted and the license-optimized assignment of user rights in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.


  • Display and modify user rights per role at the click of a button using a clearly structured matrix.
  • Easily combine the individual user rights of various roles to create new roles.
  • Compare, analyze and modify user rights in Microsoft Office Excel.
  • Directly display the necessary Microsoft Dynamics AX licenses – for every user right and every role.
  • Audit trail for modifications made using the Security & License Cockpit.

Examples of use

  • Prepare dedicated roles and integrate selected rights from standard roles.
  • Modify user rights without dependencies between roles (particularly useful when assigning user rights at the data field level).
  • Targeted localization of menu items for which users require expensive licenses.
  • Test what is possible with a certain license type.


  • Lower costs – as a result of simple and efficient user rights and license management.
  • Increased security – as a result of a clear overview, the targeted assignment and audit trails of user rights.

More information

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