Security & License Cockpit at Michael Pachleitner Group

Michael Pachleitner Group

Solutions Factory’s Security & License Cockpit add-on makes it possible to rapidly and simply create and manage user rights groups in AX 2012. The user interface is extremely intuitive, allowing users to quickly become familiar with the application.

One of the most helpful features for us in day-to-day business is the automatic search function for independent user rights. This saves a huge amount of testing time and also ensures that the user rights group has access to all appropriate rights; something which is not always immediately clear in AX.

After having used the Security & License Cockpit for six months now, I have to say that I would hate to have to do without it. AX 2012 user rights management is no longer imaginable without this add-on.

Thomas Hankiewicz, Michael Pachleitner Group Ing. Thomas Hankiewicz, 26.06.2014
Head of IT Operations and ERP Projektmanager
at Michael Pachleitner Group
commenting on Solutions Factory’s Security und License Cockpit