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Rattpack is a leading packaging company from Austria

The story of the RATTPACK Group began in 1953 – as a craftsman’s business founded by Hugo Ratt, who turned grey cardboard into shoe boxes. In 2003, Stephan and Matthias Ratt took over the management of the company. Today, RATTPACK is a leading packaging company from Austria. Its production portfolio has been expanded enormously over the past ten years and the company is now able to serve all areas and customer requirements.

Top customer service and flexibility

Customers in the printing and packaging industry expect the very best customer service and flexibility – without jeopardizing quality. Mathias Lang believes these demands can only be met if there is genuine teamwork within the company and the focus is on the overall benefit for everyone. This is the only way to stay successful in this dynamic and active market, with the needs of each and every person involved having to be recognized and taken into account.

ERP project challenges

When the collaboration with Solutions Factory started, every plant had a different, obsolete and highly customized ERP solution. Each plant had its own specific processes and ways of doing things. It was not possible for reporting and controlling to be standardized, or to introduce measures across the board. The quality of data available also varied significantly from site to site.

The big challenge according to Mathias Lang of RATTPACK® was to establish a consistent inventory management system and production landscape capable of providing reliable financial information. The Management Reporter software and other helpful tools now provide a sound basis on which fast decisions can be made.

Our approach

When we acquired the RATTPACK Group as a client back in 2017, the whole team was delighted to be working with a new print and packaging client. The core elements (implementing solutions at individual locations, harmonizing infrastructure-related topics, creating a uniform group process standard) were agreed and set out in a 3-year program, and jointly implemented through individual sub-projects.

Our many years of experience in the industry enabled us to provide just the right support when it came to making important decisions. Throughout the entire project, we attached particular importance to striking the right balance between people, processes and technology, and to maintaining an open dialog at all times.

Together, we were able to successfully implement the program on schedule, on budget and with the content as defined in our project guidelines.

We will launch Dynamics AX together and, in doing so, standardize our processes across the group. We will map these as simply and efficiently as possible in the standard system for the benefit of our employees, enabling us to leverage potential and refocus our attention on core tasks.

The new ERP helps us implement our RATTPACK Group corporate strategy. The technological possibilities of a modern and scalable system give us what we need to hold our own in our dynamic market environment and to continue our course of international growth.

“Solutions Factory is a partner you can rely on, regardless of the situation. The professional support it offers in every area is plain to see both during the project phase and in its attitude to service. Detailed project definitions make it possible to plan liquidity properly and for achievable deadlines to be set.

The past three years have had it all: hard work, detailed preparations, flexible improvisation and even corrections. Choosing Solutions Factory has meant choosing a partner we can rely on at all times and one who is very experienced when it comes to turning ideas into reality.”

Chief Process Officer / Plantmanager, RATTPACK®