Print and packaging industry

Are you familiar with the following challenges associated with your day-to-day business?

  • Cost estimates: Customer-specific products require rapid configuration and cost estimates so that you can easily and speedily prepare offers for new products which require minimal work and time inputs and yet which take into account calculations of quantity and through-time inputs as well as characteristic-based lead times.
  • Planning: Your customers are business customers but your products are aimed at their end customers. Your customers force you to accept increasingly shorter lead times, the manufacture of smaller batches and highly complex production planning. You optimize your setup costs, production sequences per machine and the output of your key resources (especially those of the printing machines). Forecasting, however, takes place at the level of the product family.
  • Configuration: Before starting production there are numerous issues to clarify, such as the technical execution of the product, the definition of the product composition, the development and the management of the design and the graphic layout. The ERP system needs to support the rapid implementation of the necessary steps by means of workflows and therefore requires an interface to pre-press software, e.g. Esko.
  • Production: The articles involved are on rolls, individual pieces and sets and you need conversion calculations between meters, pieces and kilograms at any time, even during the production process. Traceability needs to be ensured despite work in progress, extrusion and combination printing. The various printing technologies (intaglio, flexo, offset, digital, etc.) pose various challenges in terms of the management of your printing resources and tools. Inks need to be managed and the usage of residual colored ink optimized. The management of the printing machinery and the production and consumption feedback needs to be handled via interfaces between the equipment and the ERP system, regardless of whether this relates to extruders, ink mixing systems, printing machines, slitters or other machines.
  • Increasing requirements despite rising pressure on margins: The responsibility borne by the customer is transferred to you – higher quality standards, guidelines and labelling, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical packaging sector. The cut-throat competition in your industry and the ongoing convergence taking place in the consumer goods sector are leading to increased pressure on prices.

Does the above reflect some or all of the challenges with which you are confronted? If so, then please contact us so that we can discuss our ideas about and solutions to address these challenges.