IoT Case – Predictive Maintenance

Use machine and sensor data to ensure customer satisfaction and the ability to deliver – watch our IoT showcase and see how existing technologies can work together and how you can be one essential step ahead. Acting instead of reacting ensures your future success!

The latest ERP Trends

Technological developments are driving changes around the world, bringing massive transformation. In his talk on the ADV ERP conference, Mr. Manuel Möser highlighted how ERP becomes a fundamental part of the digital future of all corporations – due to current trends like business transformation (“disruption”) and Industry 4.0 combined with new possibilities arising from the internet of things, from cloud computing, or from the high availability of mobile devices.

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX: The New Dynamics 'AX 7'

The definitive overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX – now available for the new version!

The newest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX presents itself with a fundamentally renewed user interface, with many new procedures and far-reaching changes in the adopted base technologies. This book delivers proven support for users: “Using Microsoft Dynamics AX: The New Dynamics ‘AX 7’“. During the review phase, our consultants brought their experiences into this book, today, they lay hands on the final result.

Cost accounting workshop with the Microsoft Dynamics AX product management team

In a very interesting and intensive two-day meeting with the Microsoft Dynamics AX product management team for cost accounting, we compared the impressive future possibilities of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX with our practice-based requirements and discussed the best approaches for functional implementations of the new features.
We are looking forward to bringing the new functionality within the cost accounting module to use and to supporting our customer’s controlling and management with the new and extensive functionalities provided by the new release!

Microsoft SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 available, Entity Stores available – ideal basis for analysis with Microsoft Dynamics AX!

SQL Server 2016 – the new version integrates analysis into transactional databases and was developed in close collaboration with the team for the new Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Entity Store – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 customers with SQL Server 2014 can benefit from Microsoft’s continued development efforts and use PowerBI on near-real-time data for analysis.