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Agile project management approach at the ERP Conference

On September 24, 2015 we participated at the ERP Conference organized by ADV.  Christoph Weiss took the lead in reporting on and discussing current ERP solutions, their potential and benefits as well as the associated legal issues.

The first highlight of the event was the paper presented by Oliver Schneider, General Manager of Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH, on the issue of the agile project management approach in the case of ERP implementations.

Objective setting

At the outset of Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations customers ask themselves the following questions:
“Why should I implement an ERP system? Where can I expect improvements?”
The setting of these objectives is key to being able to focus on the most important aspects during implementation. Every change within a company and involving the ERP system is based on the following assessments conducted jointly with the customer:

  • Does the change add value?
  • Does it yield a competitive advantage?
  • What impact will there be if we don’t implement the change?

Cyclical procedure and value-driven Approach

We work alongside our customers in a cyclical procedure in the direction of the optimal solution. We don’t start by defining what is claimed to be a detailed specification of all requirements. Many issues will only become apparent in the course of the project while others which appear to be important at the beginning decline in importance as the project progresses and as understanding of the new system and the new processes increases
The cyclical procedure and the value-driven approach allow us and our customers to react to these issues at short notice. If an issue is conducive to the project objective(s) and is a high priority, then we implement it in the next cycle. The customer and Solutions Factory jointly decide what is to be implemented in a project cycle and in which form.

Risk mitigation

Time and resource inputs are defined at the start of a project. Within defined parameters, the scope of the project is flexible. The value-driven approach during project implementation, short-term feedback and systematic quality control during every cycle, as well as the querying of current processes, reduce the number of modifications to Microsoft Dynamics AX and ensure that the defined objectives are reached efficiently. The supplier and the customer are not opponents. We work alongside the customer to achieve project success.

The presentation given by Oliver Schneider on this issue can be downloaded here.