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Agility at the ERP Conference 2015

Does the following sound familiar?
The go-live of the new ERP system; it is Monday morning. The switch has taken place. Unfortunately, something is missing here and there. Issues which are only noticed in the course of day-to-day work have been overlooked and need to be addressed immediately. A meeting with the project manager or the general manager is called to get a grip on the situation and to discuss the missing functions and the process-related problems. Solutions are needed fast. As a result, the action points are prioritized, issue owners are nominated and a deadline defined for each, with a status update meeting agreed for Thursday.
These steps are repeated until the company is back on track.

This procedure is agile and everyone is familiar with them when the aim is to implement important changes step by step.
ERP implementation projects, however, are often implemented before the go-live on the basis of the so-called V model.

At the ERP Conference 2015 on 24.9.2015, we explained in a specialist presentation that the agile project management approach can also be successfully applied to ERP projects and used examples to demonstrate how we implement these successfully in-time and in-budget on the basis of the agile and value-driven project management approach.