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ERP Trends at the ERP Conference 2016

The decision for and the implementation of an ERP system is still based on the classic functional evaluation of ERP systems. But increasingly, strategic considerations and IT architecture aspects has to be taken into account. In many areas like „Cloud“ or „IoT“, the question is not if certain trends will be relevant for you and your company, but in which specific shape they will impact and affect you.

The talk is about the company’s „enterprise architecture“, and the ERP decision is turning more into a platform question and less into a decision for a monolithic ERP system – this is also reflected by the reaction and positioning of the leading ERP providers.
The new trends also result in a more and more agile implementation methodology, putting forward the people aspect of a project.

Much is new – a great opportunity to shape a successful future!

On the ERP Conference 2016 on 22.9.2016, Manuel Möser, CEO of Solutions Factory, talks about the current trends in the ERP sector that you can benefit from, and explains their specific value for you and your company.