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Why are we doing ERP?

  • Because the ERP system is the core of the company,
  • Because the ERP system covers all relevant processes,
  • Because it is the most fascinating, most important and most challenging corporate software.

IoT Case – Predictive Maintenance

Use machine and sensor data to ensure customer satisfaction and the ability to deliver – watch our IoT showcase and see how existing technologies can work together and how you can be one essential step ahead. Acting instead of reacting ensures your future success!

The latest ERP Trends

Technological developments are driving changes around the world, bringing massive transformation. In his talk on the ADV ERP conference, Mr. Manuel Möser highlighted how ERP becomes a fundamental part of the digital future of all corporations – due to current trends like business transformation (“disruption”) and Industry 4.0 combined with new possibilities arising from the internet of things, from cloud computing, or from the high availability of mobile devices.

Industrie 4.0 Praxis.Talk with Solutions Factory and the new Microsoft Dynamics AX

In the scope of the Industrie 4.0 Praxis.Talk at Microsoft Austria on June 8th 2016, we will present how predictive maintenance in manufacturing in the age of the internet of things can be carried out with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX – hopefully triggering a lively discussion about opportunities, possibilites, changes and approaches that come from the so-called forth industrial revolution.

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„Cyber-Physical Systems“ (CPS)

The Vienna University of Technology will contribute to the next industrial revolition in Austria. “Cyber-Physical Systems” (CPS) will change the Industrial Production – an essential pillar of value for the country.

An opportunity for new business models

Industry 4.0 will fundamentally change our world. Given that the Internet and software applications are playing an increasingly important role in business, software skills and technologies are becoming ever more important determinants of corporate success.