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Added value to the finance integration of Microsoft Dynamics

ERP systems should not only support processes, it should also provide a basis for new improvements and findings.
Too often, data in ERP systems is only collected but not further evaluated. The benefit of the system, outside the operational level remains limited and the expectations will not be fulfilled.
To avoid such unsatisfactory ERP implementations, Microsoft has created a reporting Tool, Management Reporter, which is directly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Management Reporter

The Management Reporter is a real-time financial reporting tool that allows you to create, distribute and evaluate financial reports. For instance, balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow statement as well as reports from cost accounting.

The data is primarily retrieved from general ledger and includes:

  • Main Accounts
  • Main Account Categories
  • Financial Dimensions
  • Currency

On Top of that, also data from budget model can be considered.

What are the benefits?

The main advantages are:

  • Real-time information: the data gets into the Management Reporter Data Mart with a 5-minute delay, where it can be evaluated immediately
  • Easy sharing of reports: reports can be saved in a separate library, downloaded as Microsoft Excel file and saved directly to the Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Interactive, web based reporting: reports can be displayed directly via web browser
  • Consolidated financial reports: Management Reporter allows you to create consolidated reports quickly and easily
  • Handling similar to Microsoft Office products: Design and layout are similar to Microsoft Office products, which means that the handling is familiar
  • Automatic generation and distribution of reports: The Management Reporter offers the possibility to save, schedule, run and distribute reports automatically
  • “Drill-Through” functionality: general ledger postings can be directly retrieved from the report
  • Predefined reports: The Management Reporter provides a variety of predefined reports, which allow quick evaluations
  • Standard integration: The Management Reporter is available directly via the main menu of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Management Reporter - Drill Through

What’s the effort?

The Management Reporter is already included in every license for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.
Therefore, only installation and implementation are required.
In case of implementation, a one day workshop has proven to be very successful. In this workshop, we will create specific reports for your company and provide you with the main functionalities of the tool.


The Management Reporter provides simple and quick distribution of reports. Due to a familiar Microsoft Office layout and the native integration of the Microsoft Dynamics data structures (finance dimensions, main accounts), the reports can be created easily and seamlessly integrated into the ERP system – including the direct retrieval of the ledger postings from the report. And the effort is minimal – the Management Reporter is already included in the license.

With a simple implementation, the customer gains a huge benefit from the ERP system usage – building a basis for new insights and improvements.
We would be pleased to give you a deeper insight into the functionality – contact us for a web demo!