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dox42 now also available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations!

Typical questions which arise during implementation projects are:

  • Can I use the design template from Marketing as a basis for my reports?
  • Can I reuse the design from the invoice for the order confirmation?
  • Can I send the order confirmation with an appealing personalized e-Mail?
  • Can I implement the design specifications of my customers for the labels without programming?
  • Can I create a new report, such as a vendor master data list, without programming?
  • Can I create and change reports myself?

Using the add-on module dox42 for Operations, all these questions can be answered with a "Yes!"

  • The user can individually and intuitively design new or modify existing reports in Microsoft Word.
  • All Word features are available for report design.
  • The reports are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and can be opened in the usual manner.
  • The module links Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations with the dox42 reporting solution.

How you can easily design documents and reports yourself, avoid tedious report modifications in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and apply the data and the business logic of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations – read here for the details.