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The unique value proposition of Microsoft and Dynamics 365 – seen by an engineer

„The Dynamics 365 team sits at the same table as the guys who built PowerBI, sits at the same table as the team that builds Azure SQL.“ (Mike Ehrenberg)

During the Technical Conference, our colleagues joined the Microsoft product managers at their table, for many great discussions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Few weeks ago, our colleagues, Ingo Maresch and Martin Winkler, attended the Dynamics 365 Technical Conference in Seattle.

Each year, the conference is the highlight for functional and technical experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. The conference allows customers and partners to get into direct contact with the Microsoft product managers – in over 200 lectures, hands-on-labs and discussions. Many thanks to the colleagues from Microsoft, who direct great attention to the questions raised, and who spend a lot of time with the experts from the partners and customers also outside their sessions!

As always, the keynote from Mike Ehrenberg, Technical Fellow and Chief Technical Officer for Microsoft Business Solutions, was among the highlights of the conference.

He described the unique value proposition of Microsoft and of Dynamics 365 in supporting the customers during their digital transformation – from a technical and from an IT-strategic perspective:

„Microsoft is uniquely positioned to do things like Cloud + Edge.“

The customers are taking on their journeys into the cloud, but many applications are naturally still running on premises.

Microsoft understands and handles the technical challenges that stem from this situation – the requirements to communication, to authentication. As a result, Dynamics 365 is not only available in the cloud and on-premises („Local Business Data“), but can also be deployed in a hybrid way. In this „Cloud + Edge“ scenario, for example, data is synchronized between local SQL servers and SQL servers in the cloud, and the users switch seamlessly between the cloud- and the on-premises-application. If Microsoft had not decided to use different background colors within Dynamics 365 for Operations to make the difference between cloud and on-premises transparent –the user would not notice whether he is navigating in the cloud or in the on-premises world.

„This picture is a summary of the value we bring top to bottom.”

Microsoft invests on each level, from Dynamics 365 at the top down to the required base technologies:

Azure SQL Elastic Pools is one of the things that we are happy about every day when we are operating this service.”

Microsoft cooperates over all these levels, from Dynamics 365 to the cloud infrastructure.

An example: Dynamics 365 makes particular and intensive use of Azure SQL Elastic Pools. This technology ensures that each customer has its own independent database – although centrally hosted. Not having this technology would result in high costs, which is why many business applications running in the cloud share the same database across different customers. Having a distinct database for each customer obviously increases security and performance, guarantees independence from the activities of other customers, and facilitates changes and extensions to the database schema.

“A piece of co-innovation that we did with the SQL team.”

Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 pushes the development of SQL Server.

An example: High availability of the data is ensured by a primary and a mirror database (within the same data center). Dynamics 365 makes use of the mirror database for analyses, it also uses the in-memory-features and the column-store indexes of Azure SQL – this way, embedded BI and real-time analyses are achieved.

„More cloud regions than AWS and Google combined.“

The highest priority for the Microsoft Azure cloud is to achieve global coverage and global compliance.

With 38 Azure regions and a multitude of certificates, the varying data sovereignty requirements of customers all over the world can be covered.

“From a customer point of view, a bet on Microsoft is betting on the only player in this space that’s innovating from the bottom of what’s necessary all the way to the top, to Dynamics 365.”

And we want to add, bet on Solutions Factory as your Dynamics 365 partner! We are already supporting several customers with their implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations – both in the cloud and on premises.

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