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Curiosity and enthusiasm for the new Microsoft Dynamics AX

Mike Ehrenberg, Microsoft Technical Fellow, Keynote speech, 24.02.2016:

… I’ve got to lead a number of development efforts that crossed generations in technology.
But this change to cloud – it’s different. It changes everything.
Not only does it change sort of everything that we do with the software.
Think of the way we used to think about scale… about upgrade…

But I think it also changed a lot more than that.
It’s changed everything about the way customers expect to find products, their expectations about what it takes to get started, it’s changed the role of our partners.

We’ve done some great work, but clearly this is the beginning of a journey. …
It’s great to get to here – but this is really the place where we got start the real learning.

We are extremely impressed by the novel possibilities that the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX offers our customers.
For months we have been in close contact with Microsoft and also international developers and other consultants as well as our customers in order to find out how we can optimally exploit the new features.

In-depth research work has been conducted in the following areas in particular:

  • The new options for program modifications with minimal overlaps with the standard code (fine-grained delta support and extensions) in order to simplify regular system updates as much as possible instead of these requiring major work inputs
  • The advantages of real-time KPIs and the integrated PowerBI features instead of relying on purely external data silos for analysis purposes
  • The diverse application cases for the existing +/- 1,700 data entities – from simple data import and export processes to the use of data packages for the parametrization of modules and clients
  • The comprehensive MS Office integration, e.g. for creating booking journal entries using Microsoft Office Excel
  • The options in the area of application lifecycle management (ALM), particularly those for the optimal administration of code and the automation of builds and releases by means of Visual Studio Team Services and Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS)
  • The test automation – for the automatic testing of key system-based functions and modifications
  • The tools for upgrading from old AX versions
  • The novel options available through the use of the new HTML5 client including, among others, the significantly reduced latency requirements between client and server
  • The creation of user-friendly and intuitive documentation with the aid of the task recorder

A month ago Microsoft released its new cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics AX – built on and for Microsoft Azure:

  • Currently supporting the legal requirements of 16 countries and available in 40 languages
  • With 10+ customers already having gone live at the time of the official launch

Details on the Microsoft Dynamics AX release can be found here.

An on-premises version of AX will also be released this year, supporting 36 countries.

On the technical side, we are looking forward to fantastic changes which offer our customers many advantages. We will be providing more details about this in our next news bulletin. In the meantime, we will continue our intensive research efforts with the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX – driven by curiosity and enthusiasm.