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The definitive overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX – now available for the new version!

The newest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX presents itself with a fundamentally renewed user interface, with many new procedures and far-reaching changes in the adopted base technologies. The extensive process coverage that was broadened with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 two years ago has been retained.

For these reasons, both users new to AX and users switching from older release versions face challenges. Newcomers have to get to a general overview of the processes and of the interaction of the essential functional areas, to reach an integrated understanding of Microsoft Dynamics AX as fast as possible. Users proficient in older versions of AX have to get to know the new concept of operation and of course also the detail changes to the functionality, to be able to efficiently implement the system or work with it.

The new book, “Using Microsoft Dynamics AX: The New Dynamics ‘AX 7’“, by Dr. Andreas Luszczak addresses these challenges. In its fifth English edition, it demonstrates how the features of the new AX system can be utilized to support company processes – all based on a continuous case study. Additionally, it also gives explanations and background information helping to understand the system. This way, the book is a great choice for new and proficient users of Microsoft Dynamics AX, for team members of Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation projects, for consultants and for students.

The author, Dr. Andreas Luszczak, works as a trainer, consultant, project manager and lecturer for Microsoft Dynamics AX. He knows the colleagues of Solutions Factory since many years, from diverse joint projects and from several conferences on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Therefore, Ingo Maresch, Solutions Architect at Solutions Factory, was delighted to bring his comprehensive experience into this book during its review phase – as he was doing in all former editions in the last 9 years. Today, the colleagues of Solutions Factory lay their hands on the book of Dr. Andreas Luszczak and are excited about the final result.

Available directly at the publishing house (also in eBook form) and on Amazon.