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Business Breakfast on 30.11.2017

Stimuli, best practice examples and an exchange of ideas on digitalization for Austrian manufacturing industry players

IT is revolutionizing the world

Innovative solutions are possible and urgently needed!

  • Mobile devices are available to everyone, nearly always and nearly everywhere.
  • Social media have created new forms of interaction and feedback channels.
  • Cloud computing allows tremendous computing power to be tapped on demand.
  • The Internet of Things is being deployed in numerous different areas.
  • The deployment of big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence is increasing rapidly.
  • User behavior and expectations have changed fundamentally.

Ideas and inspiration

How can you exploit these many new possibilities to the benefit of your company and what could your innovative solutions look like?

Get creative inputs and ideas at our Business Breakfast event on 30.11.2017. Case studies on collaboration, digitalization and the use of the Cloud for ERP in an enterprise environment serve as practice examples. These approaches and solutions will be presented by innovative companies and their implementation partners:

  • Communication and collaboration on a new level: En route to the Office 365 Cloud, presented by Brenntag & Solvion
  • The digitalization of sales in an international environment: The Productivity Boost, presented by LiSEC & Orbis
  • Cloud-based ERP deployment in an enterprise environment based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, presented by BWT & Solutions Factory

The futurologist Franz Kühmayer kicks off with a riveting presentation, Microsoft provides a tried-and-tested environment.


Register now. We look forward to sharing our ideas and hearing yours!