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„Cyber-Physical Systems“ (CPS)

Our computers have long been connected with each other. So why are the machines on the shop floors of industry not connected? Research is already ongoing into Industry 4.0: the next phase of the industrial revolution: Sensors and the control systems of different building blocks of manufacturing processes need to be intelligently linked so that they coordinate their functions and outputs in order to increase efficiency and productivity. A multi-disciplinary research network has been established at the Vienna University of Technology which is intended to introduce such new ideas into industrial production processes. On July 3, high-ranking industry insiders from Siemens and Magna were invited by the Vienna University of Technology to discuss the issue of future cooperation in the area of CPS for applications related to industrial production technology with Vice-Chancellor Sabine Seidler, Professor Detlef Gerhard and Professor Wilfried Sihn.

The „Internet of Things“

The Internet of Things is forecast to also redefine the shop floors of industry. The research field of „Industrie 4.0“ at the Vienna University of Technology is dedicated to answering the question of how the integration of various systems and the transfer of data between various machines, sensors and control systems can lead to the development of better production processes. Manufacturing equipment should no longer ‘dumbly’ follow human instructions but should adjust itself flexibly on the basis of M2M communications. The failure of certain components should be compensated by other components, production flows should be automatically coordinated and logistics should be optimally integrated into the overall process.