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ERP and IoT, Raspberry Pi and Lego – Solutions Factory at ERP Future

Entering the "Internet of Your Things" has never easier.

  • Drastically reduced costs of hardware and communication
  • New Devices (Virtual Reality glasses, Smartwatches, …)
  • Easy entrance with Azure IoT – starter kits & pre-made solutions
  • Seamless scaling from prototype to high-end application in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Combined with PowerBI, Big Data Analytics and IoT, the ERP System acts as the "digital core" of the enterprise and an essential component of its digital future.
ERP as the digital core of the enterprise

At the ERP Future – Business 2016 in Hagenberg, we demonstrated the IoT activities of our customers – using Lego and Raspberry Pi:

Remote Monitoring of a Lego Forklift

IoT Demo Case - Remote Monitoring of a Forklift

Predictive Maintenance of a Lego printing machine and a Raspberry Pi sensor

IoT Demo Case - Predictive Maintenance of a printing machine

The participants experienced live the interaction of PowerBI, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and different Azure technologies like IoT and Machine Learning – and most of all see, how easily these technologies can be connected to optimize processes and increase efficiency!