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ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX at TU Wien

Within the scope of the close and long lasting cooperation between the Vienna University of Technology and Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH, we are continuously sharing issues from research and from practical experience in the areas of industry, ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX.
So we contributed to a course given by the Institute of Management Science. In a 2 hours’ lecture, Mr. Ingo Maresch – Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant and solution architect – shared his wide practical knowledge and information on the implementation of ERP systems with the students.

The lively discussion that followed confirmed it again – the Vienna University of Technology provides an excellent technical and economic education, which is also a solid ground for a successful career in the area of ERP. We are glad that we can offer many opportunities in this complex and interesting field to the participating students and graduates!
Mr. DI Christian Fischer-Pauzenberger from the Financial Enterprise Management Group is going to lay a strong emphasis on training in Microsoft Dynamics AX. We are happy to continue supporting the Vienna University of Technology with our knowledge and experience!