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Why are we doing ERP?

As a part of our cooperation with the institute of management science of the Technical University Vienna, we had the opportunity to give a talk on ERP – to approximately 70 students of business-informatics studies. Many thanks to professor Walter Schwaiger and to reserach assistant Christian Fischer-Pauzenberger for organizing the event!

TU Vienna

Martin Winkler, technical architect and himself alumni of the Technical University Vienna, focussed on two different points in his lecture:

  • modern ERP architectures
  • the job description of an ERP consultant

The attentiveness of the students and the many interesting questions were especially remarkable during the two-and-a-half hours – the timeframe set was used to its fullest, and the Q&A and the discussions on the technical aspects of ERP and on the implementation / process side of ERP continued long afterwards.

So, why are we doing ERP?

  • Because the ERP system is the core of the company,
  • Because the ERP system covers all relevant processes,
  • Because it is the most fascinating, most important and most challenging corporate software.

We hope we could share and spread our enthusiasm for ERP!