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CAD interface integration

Imagine a sales representative being asked by a customer how much a specific folding box will cost if 200,000 are ordered. Unfortunately, the sales rep can’t answer the question immediately because they need to check with the technical department. The customer has to wait two to three days for an answer.

Interfaces created in 3 steps

Communication between ERP systems and CAD programs is rarely automated. The master data of the starting materials and product configurations are stored in the ERP system.  The layout of the folding boxes on the board or paper reel, however, is managed using CAD software such as ESKO or Impact.  An integration of both programs via an interface avoids redundant data and makes the user’s life much easier. We recommend the following steps for interface-based integration:

  • The first step is to analyze which CAD products are used at a company and in which ways and how well they allow to interface with other systems. The integration itself can either be by means of standard plug-ins or engines provided by the manufacturer.
  • The next step is to define the transfer parameters from the ERP system to the CAD program. At least the dimensions of the product and the maximum machine format have to be entered. Other parameters can be used to define whether it is permitted to rotate the product, whether gripper margins need to be taken into account or whether creases are intended.
  • The CAD program now defines the optimal usage layout on the basis of the information transferred. It sends the values such as the yield in terms of the length and the width and other relevant parameters back to the ERP system. It is also possible to send back the layout as an image file. If the layout and yield are not optimal from the user’s point of view, for example because the proposed format is not in stock, then a new request with different format details is sent to the CAD program.

Why wait?

An interface integration can be implemented in just a few consulting days, making it possible for sales representatives to calculate guideline prices on their tablet or mobile device at the customer site.

You too can benefit from the option of preparing offers easily and rapidly. The first step in the direction of CAD integration is to contact us as your experienced partner for the implementation of the interface.