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Goodbye planning schedule, hello integrated production planning and control

What is the first step in implementing a modern production planning system?

Remove your outdated planning schedule from the wall.

We teamed up with Lean Projects to design and develop and a production planning module, offering integrated production planning and control with graphic features and sequence planning in the form of lists.

Outstanding graphic design

This planning tool structures graphic elements based on production machines and production orders. The assignment and design of the colors vary from job to job. The colors are determined based on the colors defined in the production order. Just like the color design of the bars on the graphic representation, the display of the schedule can also be defined in days, weeks or months.

Besides the graphic display options, the integrated planning tool also allows jobs to be displayed as lists. The main display screen highlights which production machines could be used for the selected working step. The machine view shows whether this is the primary or an alternative machine.

The machine view also displays available and blocked machine resources in the form of a calendar. These resources can be easily released or reserved. The tool also displays which production orders are planned at which stage, at a specific date and time. Machine capacities can be used in an optimal way.

Integrated planning tool with status management

The order pool is displayed in a separate feature. This includes planned production orders which have not yet been manufactured. Every production order has a dedicated status in order to provide a clear overview. The order pool also offers the option of displaying a wide range of information classified by the category of machine technology. For example, the following information can be displayed for a printing operation in a print & packaging scenario:

  • Material type and format
  • Printing plate information
  • Availability of materials
  • Schedule displays
  • And much more.

The long-awaited-for order pool has now turned into reality!