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The right functions in the right place

Production planning functions

Drag&Drop planning – as easy as never before

What scope of functions does a good planning tool offer? One of the most important functions in the planning tool is the option to allocate a production step from the order books to the relevant production machine by means of drag and drop. It should also possible to deallocate a planned working step in the same manner.

This drag&drop function has been incorporated into a separate .NET application which is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (EE). This puts an end to stumbling-block functions once and for all.

Clips and planning groups for categorizing orders

A modern planning tool offers a series of functions which provide production planners with optimal support in their daily work. The formation of clips or planning groups functions automatically (or is performed manually by the production planner) on the basis of defined criteria. Production steps which form part of a clip are flagged with dedicated symbols, clip numbers or marked in different colors. It is also easy to add a working step to a clip by means of the drag&drop function. The same principle applies if you need to remove a working step from a clip.

The information you need, where you need it

Besides numerous functions, the planning tool also offers the option to generate various queries. For example, it is possible to call up information about inventory levels, work-in-process materials, raw materials, tools and finished products. The following information can also be accessed:

  • Sales order
  • Production order
  • Bill of materials
  • Work schedule
  • Single operation

An important element of planning involves displaying the availability of materials. Which material is displayed as available is defined based on the relevant working step. The planning informs the user whether a material:

  • is in stock
  • is on order
  • will be delivered late
  • is not sufficiently available to meet demand.

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