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Visiting the Sterntalerhof

The Sterntalerhof supports and cares for critically, chronically or mortally ill children and their families.

Between Christmas and New Year, we had the opportunity to visit this wonderful place of holistic and interdisciplinary care.
After a short tour of the premises, we had a long talk with Mr. Harald Jankovits, director of the Sterntalerhof. He gave very interesting and detailed explanations of the philosophy of the organization, their approaches and their core areas of work.
Sterntalerhof visit Solutions Factory

Happiness and the sense of a carefree life for children and their families, whose future together is written up in the stars!

This is the mission that the Sterntalerhof is pursuing.
Even if we as Solutions Factory can only contribute a small amount – we are very happy and thankful that we are able to support such a great institution.