FireStart – structured business processes

FireStart GmbH is an innovative provider of software and services, with headquarters in Linz. With their business process management suite, the company has developed a unique combination of process and workflow management that has has proven itself in numerous companies and helps improving the business activity of its customers in a sustainable way.

The company aims to:

  • Boost efficiency, reduce cycle times
  • Reduce complexity, simplify user interaction with IT systems, harmonize IT interfaces and establish a consistent process lifecycle management
  • Ensure quality, improve process planning and automation, reduce manual overhead in information handling
  • Minimize risks, improve operational internal controlling system, create standards for continuous process improvements


With the FireStart solution, professional process models can quickly be transferred rasch into practicable workflows, thereby integrating processes into already existing IT systems in an optimal way. Continuous monitoring and intuitive dashboards help identify and implement improvement potentials.
The solution has been proven by many customers, has been implemented at various kinds companies. Its flexibility results in manifold usage scenarios, from risk management over HR management, IT-service management, project management, customer management to quality management.