Gold Microsoft Partner

Microsoft – the leading global technology company

Microsoft is the leading global technology company. With over 100,000 employees, Microsoft offers its products in over 100 countries. Around 15% of revenues totaling over 60 billion euro are invested in research and development.

But what do these impressive figures means for our customers in industry?

Microsoft technologies convince customers for several key reasons.

  • Outstanding security of investment: As a provider and manufacturer, Microsoft has a stable financial basis and clear product strategies. Microsoft will still have a strong presence in the market even when current products are nearing the end of their lifecycle in a few years.
  • Competent and flexible support: Microsoft relies on its strong network of Microsoft partners for product-related support services. The wide distribution of Microsoft products in the market means that customers have access to several alternative Microsoft partners for support, allowing customers to benefit from low levels of dependence.
  • In-depth knowledge about current and future requirements: Microsoft concentrates on the issues which are of most importance to its customers. Efficient corporate growth, flexible work, corporate security and the intensification of customer relationships – these are today’s big issues which Microsoft is addressing.

For details on Microsoft, see https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/business/.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the cloud applications Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM in an adaptable, productive, intelligent and purpose-built solution, enabling users to work in a seamless application environment. For details on Microsoft Dynamics 365, click here.

From its start, Solutions Factory is in many partnership agreements with Microsoft (Managed Partner, Gold Microsoft Partner, ERP and Cloud Partner, tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, Advanced Support Partner, …). For one, these partnerships are a recognition of the our success. For our customers, these partnership agreements enable Solutions Factory to co-operate with Microsoft in all project phases in a fast and efficient way – in product development, in implementation, and in support.